The Perks of Renting an Office.


When people first hear about renting an office, they are often sceptical about the concept – but that’s just because it’s unfamiliar. Changing your place of business is a scary jump but with Infinity Serviced Offices, we are here to help and guide you for your entire journey of change. There are some concerns that people commonly have but don’t worry – renting offices is reliable, professional, and no, we won’t tie you up in contracts! Renting office space isn’t just as trustworthy and prestigious as owning office space, it’s better. There are many benefits to renting a workspace, which are so convincing that we might change your mind by the end of this blog, and you might consider renting an Infinity Serviced Office

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Location Is Everything

The location of your business is very important, it becomes the physical representation of the business. Everything that reflects brand image needs to be the best it can to achieve the best feedback – therefore renting an Infinity Serviced Offices is such a good decision because we are located in two well established business districts, Fourways and Centurion. These two branches are prime real estate which comes at a lot more of an affordable rate, if you rent instead of buy.

Rent and Relax

Being able to own an office space in a well-located area is definitely impressive but this investment has become outdated as it demolishes your budget, and it chains you down. There is a lot more that goes into owning offices compared to renting which includes things like water and electricity bills, maintenance, rates, and taxes, phonelines, internet connection, levies, technology costs and repairs, furniture, security and much more. When renting an Infinity Serviced Office, your business just needs to pay your rent and we will do the rest – we’ll get you a fully furnished and equipped office space with utilities, fibre connection, receptionist services, a restaurant in the building, IT support and security. Renting an office is a breeze compared to owning an office, and everything is included in a monthly fee!

The Offices Grow with You

Renting an office gives you a major advantage in not wasting space and money, this is because you aren’t tied down to a certain size of workspace. Owning doesn’t allow you to easily expand or reduce your place of business and it’s rather expensive but renting from Infinity Serviced Offices means we can change your office size as your number of employees change. Renting offices is flexible and allows you to be on the safe size, so you can always have the best choice of office space.

Put That Money Back in The Business

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, owning offices is super expensive! There are many costs, and it is a lot of effort to keep offices up and running, which adds pressure on the business, takes focus off the business functions as well as wastes money. Owning an office is seeming more like a burden than an asset when we take a deeper dive. A massive perk of renting an Infinity Serviced Office is that you get to save a lot of money, and then redirect it back into the business – you can focus and invest more in the actual business instead of owning your own work premises.

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There are of course a lot more benefits to renting offices, but the main advantage is the financial gain. Companies are always looking for ways to alter their budget to save money, which is why our rental office options are so appealing! We want to help you (quite literally) get more for less. By including all the equipment, utilities, technology, and communication services into a fixed monthly rent cost of no more than R5000, we encourage you put that saved money back into the business to improve it and improve your profits. Infinity Offices cares about your business and employees, contact us to find out how we can help you!