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When you’ve been working from home for a while, you may be getting a bit too comfortable and perhaps you’re feeling lazy or unmotivated now. It’s important to be incredibly self-aware when working from home, you need to know when you need a change-up. Working from home can be an advantage to work life due to how much freedom you have, however it’s hard to maintain organisation, structure and productivity at home over a longer period. Burnout is a real thing, and so is distraction. The biggest part of deciding what is best for you is definitely honesty – so be honest with yourself about your work environment too!

If this idea of burnout and distraction is drawing you away from working from home, consider renting a beautiful workspace from Infinity Serviced Offices. Renting an office may involve more costs such as commuting and rent, but it works wonders on your mental health and work productivity. Think about a rented office as a way to work effectively, while networking with other businesspeople and having a fully equipped and fully furnished workspace. Here are 4 key differences between working from home and renting an office:

  1. Flexibility – now obviously flexibility is the best part of working from home but it will come as a shock to find out that you can have just as much flexibility when working in a rented office. Working from home means you get to decide where and when your work day starts and ends, working from a rented office means you also get to have that freedom – only it is structured with renting an office. Renting an Infinity Serviced Office allows you to be in control of your work life and its nitty-gritties, the only thing that makes this better when renting is that there needs to be a plan or structured, which helps add guidance and organisation in your life.
  2. Business Attire – there is obviously an appeal of only having to wear a formal shirt occasionally when working from home, while you’re still in your pj’s from the waist down. Working from home allows more comfort when it comes to business attire, however without professionalism and regulation, all structure falls away. Renting an office almost forces you to regulate your business attire and look more professional and formal. You might think clothing is quite a minute element to fuss about but it’s actually really crucial for a proper routine – and routine is essential to successful work.
  3. Budget – renting will most likely be the more costly option compared to working from home, however you must remember that with renting an office you don’t have a set up fee, you don’t have maintenance costs, you get utilities all included in one monthly cost and you get to claim tax back from your rent. Infinity Serviced Offices allow you to get much more for less – renting an office comes with all technology, amenities, furniture, equipment and other services all inclusive!
  4. Commuting – another attractive element of working from home is the lack of commuting, which means you get to safe fuel, money and time. What people don’t think about is the social aspect of commuting, you might not think that your road rage in traffic doesn’t qualify as socialising but surprising it does. There is a big detriment to staying at home working all day because there isn’t any outside human interaction, which contributes towards poor mental health. This means that it is safer for you in regards to your mental health to work at a rented office.

There are many more elements that prove how beneficial renting an office is when comparing it to working from home such as better facilities, networking and formality. Consider renting an Infinity Serviced Office to receive many included business benefits as well as a beautiful work environment with other businesspeople. Make your workplace a priority because after all, you work most of your life.