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As businesses transition back to the office, they’re rewriting the rules in favor of hybrid models

Human connection, empathy and understanding is what defines our humanity. These traits were present in our first humans as they organized themselves around a campfire to share experiences and stories  – the foundation for making plans and working together that would lead down an exciting path forward…

It is no secret that purely virtual exchange is unable to replace the experience of physically integrating (or synergizing) as a team. In this sense the new normal, as we have all come to be used to online meetings and virtual calls, must also account for some version of a physical and human connection amongst coworkers in order to allow for optimal workplace culture and employee performance.

In this context, businesses and organisations are faced with two requirements: one, to satisfy the emotional need of employees to work in a group; and the other is to provide them with adequate space to perform their tasks. 

Through empirical evidence here at Infinity Serviced Offices, we have seen that most of the organizations that have taken a successful step forward in the virtual or hybrid model are clear on the fact that collaboration is not limited to an office. An effective collaborating individual can be productive anywhere, if they have conditions necessary for performance. Such considerations as well-lit meeting rooms, connectivity without stability issues, access to necessary facilities, the ability to network and more importantly the flexibility of a hybrid model to work both in and out of office. In today’s world of business it has become evident that there are no limitations on how far a company might go to boost employee morale and productivity; take the recent trend of companies moving to 4-day work weeks as an example. This trend has shown promising results, like increased productivity, morale and company loyalty, but a 2019 study conducted by UK-based researchers also found that, by adopting a four-day workweek, British carbon emissions will reduce by nearly 20%—127 million metric tons—by the year 2025.

The greatest contribution business leaders can make for their workers is to bring humanity back into the workspace, without losing sight of the opportunities offered by intelligently and purposefully managed virtuality. Decision-makers have the choice  to put their attention on their people, allowing them to exchange opinions and points of view in a flexible, and optimized environment – whether being face to face or virtual – such as that offered by Infinity Serviced Offices; collaborative and flexible work spaces equipped with the best in class office facilities and finishes, to ensure high quality work performance.

With workspaces available in Fourways & Centurion, get peace of mind by paying fixed rates monthly with all services included. With Infinity Serviced Offices, your space can be fitted as you wish and with as many people per office as the furniture allows. You may even fit your own furniture, to suit your ideal working space. We also provide our standard additional furniture, at no extra cost. Established in August 2015, our aim is to provide flexible and quality executive office spaces with unique benefits and value, that sets us apart from the competition. We provide you with short-term rental options of 3, 6, or 12 months. The space is entirely flexible and can be utilised to your preference. The rental of the space also entitles you to make use of all our executive services for your maximum productivity.

Get in touch with us to see how we can make your new hybrid model a reality; welcome to your co-working future, welcome to Infinity Serviced Offices. 

Choose between the 3 office types we offer, namely:

Virtual Office

  • Rental starts from R 2000 per month
  • Access to lockable focus rooms and all communal workstations
  • Service options:


    • Business telephone number
    • Message-taking and/or calls diverted to cellphone at a nominal fee

Shared Office

  • Rental starts from R 3000 per month
  • Access to a lockable shared office with other business owners (subject to availability)
  • Service options:
    • Business telephone number and a phone device assigned to your workstation
    • Message-taking and/or calls diverted to cellphone at a nominal fee

Exclusive Office

  • Rental starts from R 5000 per month
  • Office sizes start from a 6-square-metre single office up to 96-square- metres (subject to availability)
  • Standard offer:
    • Business telephone number with phone devices assigned to desired workstations
    • Message-taking and/or calls diverted to cellphone at a nominal fee