When you want your team to be happy and productive, it’s important that they’re in an office space with good design. A well-designed workplace can lead them towards higher job satisfaction as they work efficiently while achieving successes on the tasks given out by their managers or employers!

It is important to care for your people and show them that you value their work. This will reduce absenteeism through stress, anxiety or other ailments by providing a healthy environment where they can thrive in without worrying about lacking anything at all!

Anxiety and stress account for 49% of all lost working days.

Your office layout can impact your team’s success through a variety of factors;

Space and layout

How do you make sure your team’s productivity and job wellbeing? Start by ensuring suitable working spaces for each member of the group. Create collaboration zones so employees can brainstorm without feeling cramped or distracted, then provide breakout rooms if needed because these are great ways to get work done in private with minimal distractions around them!

It would be inconceivable that a factory floor could be set up in a way that wasn’t efficient for the smooth flow of production, yet many of us have an office space that inhibits employee productivity, and in turn, morale and wellbeing.

The most efficient way to use your office space is by having a workspace efficiency analysis done. This service will provide key insights into what’s happening in the building, which gives you control of how best utilize it all while also maximising efficiency for yourself and others on staff or visiting clients who may be looking at hiring us!

Lighting and colours

Mental health is an important part of overall wellbeing, and in many ways daylight can help. The quality or colour changes that happen with sunlight throughout the day have been proven to improve concentration levels too – not just because it’s easier on your eyes but also due an increase hormonal production brought about by bright lights like those found outside during summertime!

Colours also affect mood and productivity in a variety of ways. For example, people are reported to lose their temper more in yellow rooms, but green and blue spaces are proven to make people feel calmer.

Air quality

Air quality also affects employee mental health and wellbeing. Quite simply, if they are ingesting air from a stuffy environment, this will lead to lack of concentration and drowsiness. There are many sources of air pollutants, even indoors  for example air fresheners and furniture.

The air conditioning systems in a well-designed office space should be regularly serviced and fully functioning to ensure maximum cleanliness. Employees are advised spend some time outdoors every day, as outdoor air is usually cleaner than that inside your workspace or building’s walls which can get dirty from smoke breaks taken by employees who have been sitting at their desks all morning long!


What facilities do you provide for your team? Is there space to relax and unwind, to play and interact, or simply to brew a cup of tea when it’s needed?

Many companies offer perks to their employees. More than just gimmicks, the table tennis table and the coffee machine really do impact on employee morale and job satisfaction. By offering your people small perks and advantages, you help them to feel more valued, thereby enhancing mental wellbeing in your organisation.

Teamwork and collaboration

Is your office space designed to promote teamwork and collaboration? Do you have suitable meeting spaces and areas for human interaction? Working alone in an office cubicle may be suitable for some tasks, but in the main, humans are wired to interact. We need others around us for psychological survival.

The ultimate goal of any company is to create an environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration. This will lead towards success, both professionally as well personally; since people are happier when they’re surrounded by their coworkers who help them succeed at what ever task needs attention or criticism alike!

Implementing spaces in your office where people can interact and meet is beneficial for business too, as a recent study showed that:

Businesses with effective communication and collaboration are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover.

A collaborative culture is a strong one.

Flexibility and adaptability

Can your space be adapted by those who work for you to suit their individual needs? A choice of environments and ownership over workspaces are two important factors that help ensure people feel more in control when it comes time at the office. From sit-to stand desks, movable office partitions or even adjustable ergonomic chairs; having functionality allows workers an opportunity adapt its environment best suited just them!

Happy people are more effective

They feel better, are more productive and are up to 300 x more creative. Positive mental health has far reaching benefits; for the employee, the team and the business itself.

Take steps to ensure your workspace is promoting good mental health in your employees.

If you’re looking for help with building a more positive work environment, contact our workspace specialists for a chat. We can advise you how best to adapt your workspace to suit your people and their everyday tasks and activities.


Choose between the 3 office types we offer, namely:

Virtual Office

  • Rental starts from R 2000 per month
  • Access to lockable focus rooms and all communal workstations
  • Service options:


    • Business telephone number
    • Message-taking and/or calls diverted to cellphone at a nominal fee

Shared Office

  • Rental starts from R 3000 per month
  • Access to a lockable shared office with other business owners (subject to availability)
  • Service options:
    • Business telephone number and a phone device assigned to your workstation
    • Message-taking and/or calls diverted to cellphone at a nominal fee

Exclusive Office

  • Rental starts from R 5000 per month
  • Office sizes start from a 6-square-metre single office up to 96-square- metres (subject to availability)
  • Standard offer:
    • Business telephone number with phone devices assigned to desired workstations
    • Message-taking and/or calls diverted to cellphone at a nominal fee